Gaims Fitness has managed corporate fitness centers for Fortune 500 companies and premier Class A business properties.  From the back office to the exercise floor, our professional team is unique in its ability to develop a program to advance a company’s fitness and health mission and win the time and respect of its employees.

Corporate Fitness Overview

  • Corporate fitness is a developed, nuanced business.
  • Employee fitness/health is now an imperative for modern, competitive companies.
  • Return on investment is the key.
  • Gaims Fitness has the professional experience, skills and technology to develop state-of-the-art corporate facilities and programs.

In the mid-1890′s, National Cash Regis­ter Co. held morning and afternoon exercise periods for its employees. Many large office buildings during the first decades of the past century were built with pools, gyms, courts, etc. NASA founded its employee fitness program in 1964.

Corporate fitness has become an imperative for many companies. Landmark studies conducted by Control Data (1982) and Prudential (1986) established the bottom line value of on-site fitness facilities and programs.

Since then, spiraling employee health care costs, the irrefutable link between fitness and disease prevention and increased competitive pressures have prompted companies to invest in a healthier, more productive workforce.

In today’s business world companies need a return on investment from employee fitness and health. This return is driven by employees regularly investing their own time, money, and energy in on-site programming.

Gaims Fitness has over 30 years of experience in corporate fitness. We have worked for Lockheed, Fujita Corporation, Prudential, Zenith, Warner Chappell Music, Great Western Bank, Texaco, Comcast NBCUniversal, and other fine companies.

We are abreast of key fitness and health industry trends. We have state-of-the-art tools, software/technology and media skills that enable our client companies to evaluate, incentivize, and develop their programs. We compete successfully in the marketplace of health and fitness to earn for the participation and trust of employees.


  • Professional team
  • Work ethic
  • Flexibility and adaptation
  • Credentials and training

Gaims Fitness can provide a professional management team for any corporate fitness setting. It takes a resourceful team to succeed in a customer service environment. Our service structure is built upon business practices that are respected and embodied by every staff member. Within this structure, we delegate and collaborate effectively.  We outwork our competition to achieve the common goal of maintaining Gaims Fitness in the top echelon of corporate fitness center management.

Every facility has different operational assets and limitations. We adapt traditional management roles (admin director, health fitness director, group ex director, floor instructor, etc.) to fit the needs of our corporate clients and their facilities. The size and make-up of the team, the work schedule, and the operational structure depend upon the company’s budget, culture, demographics, and program goals.

Proper credentials are essential.  All of our employees have the prerequisite educational degrees, industry certifications, and continuing education to support their roles in our management structure. Of equal importance, each member of our employee team is distinguished by his/her need to serve others.

Safety & Maintenance

  • Safety is the top priority
  • Inspections and documentation
  • Emergency plan
  • Employee manual and training
  • Member education
  • In-house preventive maintenance and repairs

No corporate fitness center or program is successful if equipment is poorly maintained and /or accidents or injuries occur. Gaims Fitness has a stellar long-term safety record because we are committed to safe operational protocols and regular equipment cleaning/inspection.

We create a thorough, practical emergency plan. Our management teams are trained to adapt their general and specific supervision duties to changing facility conditions. Every staff member is CPR and First Aid certified.

Gaims Fitness effectively educates all group and individual participants about safe exercise and facility rules/conduct.  We communicate directly (words, demonstration, etc.) and indirectly (signage, bulletins, video, etc.) to ensure that safety is the backbone of all facility programming.

Finally, we do not sub-contract maintenance and service work to third parties. We have an expert service team that handles exercise equipment issues. We train all staff members on up-to-date software so they can prioritize, schedule, and track any maintenance or service tasks/issues.

Administration & Records

  • Organizational systems
  • Integration
  • Software
  • Financial management
  • Tracking and reports

Premier facility management depends upon administrative organization. Even the best intentions of qualified, talented people cannot overcome poor informational and behavioral protocols.

Gaims Fitness has proven administrative systems that can be adapted to fit a client’s operational goals. We excel in integrating all of the member interface and facility back office business. We maximize efficiency and member satisfaction and minimize operational exposure.

At the front lines of customer service, we organize software, tools, forms, and procedures that facilitate member orientation, enrollment, billing, tracking, marketing, survey and communication, and incentives.

Behind the scenes we keep reliable informational and financial records. We are able to interface with company payroll and banking for any billing requirements. We can generate reports and audits to assist in all areas of the fitness center operation.

Programming & Promotions

  • Competitive programming
  • Value, incentives, and tie-ins
  • Tracking and statistics
  • Program library/software/apps, classes, seminars, events, games, competitions
  • Supplemental programming – testing, massage, etc.

Corporate fitness centers are often partly or fully subsidized. As an indirect result, corporate fitness programming is often inconsistent and non-adaptive. Without a need to compete, many corporate facilities are simply “managed”.

Gaims Fitness is at the cutting edge of corporate fitness programming. We design and implement programming that has a winning combination of value, incentives, and benefits for employee participants.

We carefully observe member demographics and trends.  We poll our audience (members and non-members).  We use business tools and our imagination to create inspiring program choices for members. We administrate and execute so that this programming has its greatest positive impact.

Our programming (classes, seminars, libraries, events, games, competitions, challenges, etc.) is evolving continuously to reach new members in an employee audience and to recharge existing members. Each employee has to believe that his/her best interests are served as member in their company’s fitness center rather than at an outside facility.

Group Exercise

  • Primary programming building block
  • Trends, program balance, class refreshment
  • Instructor certification, training, and auditing
  • Safety and training basics (warm-up, cool-down, graded instruction, proper execution)

Group exercise is a primary building block in most fitness center exercise programs. The right schedule with the right instructors and classes can generate revenue, attendance, energy, and interest that carry over into all areas of the facility and its programming.

Gaims Fitness creates successful group exercise programs by anticipating class trends, refreshing programming regularly, and making the extra effort to secure and to train the best instructors. We are able to schedule the proper balance of different types/grades of classes to suit the clientele and facilities.

Program cohesiveness is very important. We communicate clearly and consistently with members about the schedule and class content.  We review and provide ongoing education for our instructors. All Gaims Fitness group exercise instructors are employees (not independent contractors) who are fully integrated into our management service structure.

Group exercise safety is paramount. Industry studies show that more injuries occur in group exercise than out on the equipment floor. Proper warm-up/cool down, graded instruction, and correct form are essential in all classes from the meditative (yoga, Tai Chi, etc.) to the active (Spinning, Zumba, etc.).