Gaims Fitness works with architects, engineers, and other space planners to create/remodel /furnish your facility for optimal safety, function, efficiency, and aesthetics. We design your fitness center to adapt to the changing needs of management and clientele and deliver a maximal return on your investment.

Space Planning

  • Site Evaluation
  • Initial Space Plan
  • Equipment Survey
  • Project Budget

Gaims Fitness will meet with you, our client, and other project associates to determine needs and objectives. We visit the proposed facility site and examine rough drawings and sketches.

We work with contractors, architects, and designers to prepare or to assist in preparation of preliminary drawings and a recommended space plan for your facility. These scale drawings show the desired orientation and layout of all use areas (front desk, business offices, exercise floor, locker rooms, group ex room, testing office, etc.) and of exercise equipment and other furnishings and appointments.

While preliminary drawings are being developed, we establish a proposed general inventory of the quantities and types of equipment and furnishings for the facility.

We work with you and other project associates to determine an accurate budget estimate for the complete construction and furnishings and to adhere to that budget throughout the course of the project.

Management Planning

  • Operations
  • Marketing Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Management Structure (fees, schedule, incentives, etc.)
  • Programming Options
  • Operational Budget

In concurrence with space planning and other project phases, we develop and present operational options. We work with you, the client, to shape the operation to fit your operational goals in terms of hours, safety, security, supervisory levels, administration, programming, and other factors.

We provide copy for and/or edit surveys and questionnaires for your potential members. These marketing instruments determine user attitudes towards the facility’s design and operation, including the fee structure, schedule, specific programs, member incentives, etc.

We outline various programming options. These options may include general floor programming, group exercise, fitness testing and assessment, weight loss programs, personal training, nutrition, massage, self-logging, etc. We help you prioritize programming options in terms of client needs and resources (staffing, space requirements, popularity, etc.).

Based on our management planning work, we develop a detailed annual budget for your facility’s operation. We use this number to inform and fine-tune decisions about the facility’s design, staffing, programming, maintenance, fee structure, etc. and to facilitate long term operational planning.

Interior Design

  • Design Concept
  • Colors and Materials Selection
  • Equipment Specifications

We work with you, the client, your architects and other project associates to develop the overall interior design based on the initial space plans. We prepare and assist with presentations to facilitate your decisions about lighting, walls, ceilings, floors, mirror, signage, and equipment and furnishings.

We develop a basic scheme for the carpeting and other materials to be used in the facility. This information will be presented in the form of drawings, photographs, materials samples and/or design presentation boards.

We prepare a presentation of recommended equipment and furnishings. This presentation includes relevant specs, including brand, cost, model numbers, dimensions, grade and finish, power requirements, etc.

Working Drawings

  • Construction and Engineering Drawings
  • Job Pricing and Bids
  • Project Review and Coordination

After client approval of the design presentation(s), we work with architects and engineers to prepare a set of basic interior working drawings and specifications. Architectural and engineering plans and mechanical and electrical work required for the facility areas are done by an engineering consultant and architect. We regularly review this work, however, to assure its compliance with the project schedule and layout requirements.

We assist your contractor(s) with the construction documents to facilitate their construction cost proposal(s). We work with you and the general contractor in analyzing bids from designers and subcontractors.

We meet regularly with you and other project associates during all phases of facility design and construction. These meetings allow you to review and to update plans and schedules and to take full advantage of our expertise in all phase of the project schedule.


  • Visits
  • Observation
  • Project timeline
  • Inspections
  • Tag List

During facility construction, we visit, as necessary, to familiarize ourselves with the progress and quality of the interior work. We review basic shop drawings, verify color and finish samples, and coordinate with your contractor(s) to ensure completion of the project within the anticipated time schedule. When the facility is completed, we make a final inspection and prepare an action list of any items requiring additional attention and work with the contractor to assist in their timely correction or completion.