Gaims Fitness has been providing exercise equipment sales and service for Southern California businesses, residential communities, government, hotels, schools, and private homes since 1986. Our customer base includes fine health clubs, corporate fitness centers, multi-residential communities, schools, hotels, government sites, and private homes.


  • Safety and functionality
  • Educated customers
  • Site and project evaluation
  • User-friendly facilities and equipment
  • Short and long term return on investment

For a facility of any size, safety, functionality, and appearance are the cornerstones of a winning space plan and layout. An array of great machines cannot overcome fundamental issues with proportions, flooring, line of sight, user traffic, electrical wiring/routing, lighting, mirror, etc.

Gaims Fitness is not satisfied with simply selling equipment. We have the best educated customers in the marketplace. Our team makes the extra effort required to visit, to measure, and to create layout options for their fitness centers. We are resourceful, ask the right questions, and listen to our customers and other project associates. Our customers invest in user-friendly facilities that make business sense in the short and long term.

Equipment Selection

  • Safety, function, durability, appearance, and value
  • Budget
  • User demographics
  • Top brand and warranties
  • New, pre-owned, and leased
  • In-house preventive maintenance and repairs

Gaims Fitness recommends machines to our customers based on safety, function, durability, appearance, and value. Depending on factors such as budget, user demographics, warranties, etc., the optimal selection of brands and types can vary. We furnish with top commercial and semi-institutional brands, including pre-owned and leased equipment, and have a host of resources for special packages and accessories.

Exercise equipment is the most tangible investment that our customers make. They need user-friendly machines that perform. With ongoing fitness industry mergers and overseas manufacturing, no single manufacturer has a monopoly on overall quality or a machine for every purpose. Gaims Fitness delivers name brand equipment with strong warranties and proven manufacturer product support. We will not be undersold. We are one of very few vendors who do not outsource our preventive maintenance and repairs.

Delivery and Installation

  • Safety and regard for premises
  • Inspection, leveling, testing, and calibration
  • In-house team of uniformed professionals
  • Prompt, efficient, and organized
  • Clear comprehensible billing

For Gaims Fitness, equipment delivery is not merely a drop, build, and go job. Our professional installation team takes the time to place, to level, to calibrate and to test machines. These efforts are especially important because most exercise equipment has come a fair distance prior to being loaded on our trucks. Thorough inspection, methodical assembly, and comprehensive testing are required.

We are organized in our billing, paperwork, and preparation. We do not outsource or undercompensate our employee installation team. We are always courteous and in uniform. Our customers know that Gaims Fitness will deliver and install in a safe, timely manner without any damages to the equipment or premises.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual agreements
  • Prompt, reasonable estimates
  • Customer service histories
  • Detailed service reports

Most vendors offer customers monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual preventive maintenance. Gaims Fitness is exceptional, however, because of what we do before, during, and after our preventive maintenance visits.

We keep an up-to-date, detailed history of a customer’s facility and machines. Our service personnel are refreshed on this history and any potential issues before they arrive and are able to diagnose problems accurately. We make the extra effort and apply elbow grease as necessary to assess and to clean all of the equipment. Customers receive a detailed service report with every invoice.


  • Service first business (not sales driven)
  • Unmatched expertise and resources
  • Detailed, complete, professional proposals
  • All commercial brands
  • Prompt response and efficient results

Gaims Fitness is unmatched for our efficient, resourceful, and expert exercise equipment repairs. We are a service-first business and prove this to every one of our customers by extending the productive life of their machines. Most vendors are sales driven and do not have the will to troubleshoot, create a professional proposal, order parts, and do a competent repair.

We repair almost every brand and type of exercise equipment and have long-term working relationships and established communication with most major manufacturers. Our customers know that they can trust Gaims Fitness with repairing their cardiovascular machines (including personal television viewing screens) and resistance stations in a timely, orderly manner and phasing in new equipment as best serves their long-term bottom line.